Extreme Chart and Simutrade Manager

This product is two great BetterTrades educational tools in one package. Extreme Charts provides the user with stock charts that can be updated throughout the day, allowing the trader to use the information to examine and interpret the market and the trend. Simutrade Manager enables users to track their trades and measure their progress.

With Extreme Charts you can:

  • Examine how a stock or its sector has performed on a daily, weekly or yearly basis.

  • Create filters that divide stocks into classifications.

  • Build watch-lists for trading opportunities you're keeping an eye on.

  • Draw lines that will mark support and resistance levels, and set up screens that show moving averages.

  • Use indicators such as volume, MACD or Stochastics to analyze the trade.

Simutrade Manager permits traders to track the progress of their stock trades, whether they are real or practice trades. It allows the user to see which strategies work or what changes should be made to become more effective.

Having the right assortment of trading tools is important to your development as a trader. The Dedicated Trader is an outstanding source for information on the stock market. Extreme Charts and Simutrade Manager is a versatile, easy-to-use charting program. Real Time Markets provides a live data stream and enables users to watch their trades and practice various strategies.

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